Cracking or Chipping in the windshield

A titanium fly hit my windshield

What to do when there is a chip on your windshield. (Photo Credits)

A chip in the windshield is something any car owner should not neglect. Apart from it being a nuisance, it could also pose danger, and at the same time, could cost the owner a huge sum of money if not dealt with accordingly.

Tip Hero says a chip may threaten the whole windshield. AutoGlass Safety Council 

“We’ve all been there. We’re driving along carefully down the highway and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a rock pops up and nails your windshield, causing an angry little crack or chip in your otherwise perfect windshield. And while that little crack may be isolated now, you know that if left that way, it will spread until it threatens to splinter the whole windshield.”

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What works

DIY Bulls Eye also underscored the importance of immediately acting on a chip in the windshield. Windshield Wiki 

“Even the smallest of cracks can quickly spider out of control and you have to replace your entire windshield, which can cost a pretty penny. There are tons of methods for fixing your cracked windshield… nail polish, WD-40 and adhesive fills but none of them are a permanent solution to the problem. Actually, none of them really work. Why put a Band-Aid over something that clearly needs to be fixed as soon as possible?”

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A Mayor in British Columbia is meantime calling for the return of free windshield repairs, as mentioned over at CBC News. “Simpson said it is rare to drive around northern B.C. towns and not see cars with completely cracked windshields. That’s because gravel is often used to de-ice the roads. In some cases, large chunks of the material piles up on roadsides and can be launched at windshields when run over by passing vehicles. This often causes windshields to crack, creating visibility problems. “

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Did you ever encounter a chip on your windshield?