I got an email asking me about NEXT summer’s travel plans to the family reunion. Really? We haven’t finished this year’s travel yet, but I guess it is never too early to dream.

To say, “We have traveled a lot this summer,” are words that are grossly inadequate in describing our sojourning, and all of it driven, hence, a summer seen through a windshield. It would be easier to list the events that have transpired at home, than to chronicle our travels, but traveling is the subject and driving the means….




Please read the article above about a person’s wonderful experience on the road through their windshield.

Road trips are becoming more and more common as we are now in the midst of summer. Long drives are considered to be one of the American family’s favorite things to do. Kids are out of school, young adults are home from college, what else is better than a long road trip to a scenic desolate land or a bustling hubbub city.

Long road trips are awesome and all, but before you leave your drive you need to ensure that you are properly packed and your vehicle is properly prepared for the trip. This means that you should take notice to clean your windshield if it is dirty, and ensure that your headlights are in optimal working condition, after all, you never know what type of road weather you may encounter.

If you have a crack in your windshield, it would be a very wise idea to bring it to your local auto glass shop and have a windshield repair performed on your vehicle. If you drive your vehicle on a road-trip with a crack in the windshield then there is a high probability that the crack will only worsen, even worse, it becomes a safety hazard.

If you have a crack in your auto glass that is too big to be repaired you are going to need to have a windshield replacement performed. It is crucial that you have an experienced and trained technicians replace your windshield. Your windshield is a key part in maintaining the structural integrity of your car.


So remember, before you set out on that road-trip this summer, ensure that your windshield is in proper condition and your car is properly prepared.


Drive safely please from Carglass1

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