Window Films and Privacy

Get some privacy. (Photo Credits)

Windows give everyone a glimpse of a life lived within. And whether it refers to a home window, or a car window, it is all the same. Windows give a sneak peek into the lie that you are living.

And although you may have no skeletons in your close, you would still want a degree of privacy, even in your car.

Enter tints and privacy films. Although some locations may prohibit it, it will not hurt to have a knowledge on what you can do to have better privacy say in your RV window or wherever you will need some.Windshield

Website shared a Do-it-Yourself privacy window film that is fairly easy to do. “Three years later, our “quick fix” is still in place and looks just as good as the day I painstakingly placed each shape on the window. We haven’t had to replace one shape and haven’t had a bit of trouble with bubbling, curled up edges or anything of the sort. Seeing as how our Virginia weather can sometimes be extremely hot and humid, I must say I’m a bit surprised at how well it has held up all this time.”

Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Privacy and More

British website House to Home, gives five reasons why window films are essential nowadays. One of its reasons is that it can be used even on wet and damp areas like a mobile bathroom or kitchen. “It’s tough, durable and water resistant, which means it is suitable for application in damp locations, such as bathroom windows. It can even be used to jazz up a plain shower screen, disguising water marks at the same time!”

autoglass safety Read the four other reasons to get a window film here.

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If you are not one to belt out songs, here is one reason why you may want to have a window film.

In a video uploaded by, a man belts out the hit song “buttercup” and encourages those in traffic to sing with him. Watch the video here.

So are you now convinced?