The joys of driving a Pick-up

1957 Chevrolet pick-up

Owning a pick-up truck can bring truck-loads of benefits too. (Photo Credits)

A pick-up truck is both useful and aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially if one values a strong, big image when it comes to vehicles.

This is the reason why people from all walks of life appreciate it. The website Truck Syndicate shared photos of country stars using their respective pick-ups. AutoGlass Safety Council

“Chances are if you love country music then you love a good lifted truck. It makes you wonder if your favorite country stars love lifted trucks too? Well the answer to that is HELL yes! Here are some of the hottest names in country and their lifted trucks.”

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Crazy Trucks

In India, pick-up trucks have been transformed into something else for better use according to its indian owners. Cartoq showed its audience photos of these transformed vehicles. windshield Wiki   

“The Indian market is not a fan of pick up trucks. Where abroad, people need the practicality of a large loading area along with comfort on the inside, Indian’s don’t really have a use for one, unless they require it for commercial purposes. Some manufacturers have been brave enough to launch pick up trucks for private car owners as well.”

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The Verge for its part shared the new look of the Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck. “Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its new premium pick-up truck: the stylish, sleek X-Class. The midsize truck comes with permanent all-wheel drive and high-torque V6 engines, and is set to hit markets in Europe and South America late 2017. (No, the US is not on that list.) There are two major versions of the truck, one focused on off-road use and the other highlighting Mercedes’ premium stylings.”

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Driving a pick up truck is both utilitarian and great in terms of safety.

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