Houston, TX, July 03, 2013 –(PR.com)– Houston auto windshield Replacement Company S Delta Auto Glass, Inc. is warning area motorists about the dangers of buying and installing cheap auto windshields on their vehicles.


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Many motorists are often unaware of the potential dangers they face by having a low quality windshield replacement. Motorists need to understand that the windshield is an integral safety mechanism in the vehicle. The windshield helps to protect and strengthen the vehicle in accidents and it plays a vital role in preventing a roof-crush during a roll over collision. A low quality windshield is typically thinner, which means that it is less durable and more prone to breaking. You should also know that when using lower quality auto glass they may not bond or fit well on the vehicle due to the fact that they may not be designed to fit the vehicle properly. A windshield that isn’t bonded correctly or properly fitted could easily come off a car during a collision while a windshield that is properly fitted and bonded will remain on the car for the duration of the collision.

When you have a auto glass replacement using a low quality windshield you are putting yourself and all of your occupants at risk. That is why we highly recommend to all of our customers that they stray away from any low quality or poor quality windshields.

We also urge all of our customers to keep in mind that a windshield replacement should ALWAYS be performed by an experienced professional. As professionals we have been trained on how to properly install a windshield, letting anyone else install your windshield for you is plain dangerous. If you need auto glass please do not hesitate to give us a call. Get your Windshield repair for your domestic or import car today! Or find the best auto glass replacement in san diego, ca from carglass1!



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