Corning had earlier announced that its chemically strengthened smartphone glass will soon find its way into the automotive sector and now we’re learning that the BMW i8 may become the first car to use Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass will help automakers like BMW reduce their car’s weight, which could lead to a savings in fuel costs, as well as provide better noise insulation so that less road noise would permeate into the car’s cabin.

New Gorilla Glass will help decrease the number of windshield replacement and repair incidents

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BMW has recently announced that it will be using scientifically strengthened smart-phone glass on the new BMW i8. The i8 will be using a windshield that was created from Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is going to help to revolutionize the auto glass industry with its significant increase in durability and reduction in weight. Because gorilla glass has been deemed more durable than regular auto glass it will be more resistant to scratches and breaks. This is good news for drivers as common rocks on the freeway will now be less likely to cause windshield cracks or chips.

According to BMW the gorilla glass will help to reduce the weight of the windshield by approximately 50 percent. This is a massive reduction in weight and will help to boost fuel economy.

This technology is the first of its kind to be used in a production level sports vehicle. We predict that within the next decade, newer cars coming out will start to be outfitted with windshields using gorilla glass. This is very good news for drivers as the number of incidents revolving around cracks requiring a windshield repair will be reduced.

Once again, here at carglass1 we would like to remind everyone that you should always ensure that your auto glass or windshield is in optimal condition before driving. If you have a crack in your windshield, it is imperative that you bring your vehicle in for a windshield replacement or a carglass1 mobile windshield repair as soon as possible, do not sacrifice your own safety!



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