How to Break Your Car Window During Emergencies

Submerged Car

How to break free from a flooded car. (Photo Credits: Mike Cogh cc: Some Rights Reserved)


In times of emergencies like flooding, accidentally driving into a body of water, or car crash, most people would not know how to safely get out of their vehicles. For one the chaos and the intensity of the situation may put them in state of shock, and more importantly, the safety feature of their vehicles could this time work against them. Carglass1 Windshield Repair Honda

For instance, safety harnesses or seatbelts, could be very hard to remove during car crashes as it tightens or locks up. The driver or the passenger would need a knife or a scissor to cut the belt away and free themselves. There are now a number of products in the marketed for this purpose, however a simple pair of scissors somewhere very accessible to the driver could just be the key to their safety. low cost auto glass

The bigger problem however is the power window that may prevent the passengers and the driver of the vehicle from getting out of the car. And since car glass is made from tempered glass, it really is very difficult to crack or break especially if you do not have the right tools for it. Toyota windshield Replacement.

The emergency officer in this video though has showed that there is a technique into breaking a car window open by just using one’s hand. See the whole video here.

Such trick should have been used in situations like this one reported by Yahoo news, when police officers broke a car window to supposedly save a baby left in a car seat on a very hot day. Later on they found out that it was just a life-sized doll left there by the granddaughter of the owner of the vehicle. “Although the act of heroism garnered a few laughs from fellow members of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, it’s still great to see the community jumping into action when it thinks a child is in danger.”

Read the whole story here. meanwhile featured an invention that combines a car glass emergency breaker and a seat belt cutter. According to the website, the inventor of the product is seeking for funding to make his invention available to ordinary folks.” SafeKEYPER is a compact tool that can hold and hide multiple standard keys that are held in place by built-in rubber washers. It has an anonized aluminum housing with a carbon steel insert that is heat treated to increase hardness, allowing the blade to stay sharp for cutting off the seatbelt in cases of emergency. The custom break tip is designed to concentrate pressure fully on the glass for easy breakage of car windows.”

Read the rest of the article and watch the video here.

One will never know when an emergency will take place. To have a higher chance of survival, it would be best to have the tools, knowledge and skills that could help save your lives and that of others.