Hacks to keep a car clean


Car cleaning tips and tricks. (Photo Credits)

Cleaning one’s car can be a chore especially for a very busy person. But spending at least two to five minutes a day in cleaning a car after driving it, can be better than having to spend more than an hour weekly just to keep it spic and span.

Habits to keep a car clean, is indeed a must for every vehicle owner. It ensures that cars can remain clean minus the hassle of a “one time big time” cleaning.

Family Handyman says brushing out the car’s air conditioning vents help prevent dustiness all over the vehicle. Windshield Wiki 

“Brush Out the Air Vent. These louvers are a real magnet for dust, and a vacuum with a brush attachment just won’t get it all. Take an inexpensive artist’s paintbrush and give it a light shot of furniture polish. Work the brush into the crevices to collect the dust. Wipe the brush off with a rag and move on to the next one.” Check out the whole article here.

More Auto Cleaning Tips

Home and Garden Television meantime gave its readers their own version of auto cleaning tips to help vehicle owners maintain tidy-looking vehicles. AutoGlass Safety Council    

“For upholstery, use a mild solution (a couple of drops per gallon) of dishwashing detergent and water to clean seats. Dip a clean towel into the solution and rub gently. For leather upholstery, a leather cleaner is recommended, although the homemade cleaner can be used. After cleaning leather, rub in a conditioner. Use the treatment every six months.” More tips can be found here.

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Cheatsheet.com for its part gave its readers 10 tips on cleaning their vehicles like a Pro.

“Make sure you use three buckets for the exterior of the vehicle and at least two different-colored wash mitts, along with a soft round brush with bristles approximately two inches in length, and a wooden or plastic handle with no metal components. One bucket should have an appropriate amount of car wash shampoo that is super soft, slick, and safe for all surfaces, while the other two should have plain H2O.” Check out the continuation here.

Car cleaning can be a more pleasant task when it has to be done with techniques that make cleaning a whole lot simpler.

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