Major crash investigators have charged a man over a car crash in which a passenger was seriously injured after his clothes caught fire and he was partially ejected through the windscreen.


Passenger Ejected From Vehicle After Through Windshield After Collision

Remember that you should never drive or operate a vehicle while intoxicated. It simply is not a good decision and can lead to dangerous and sometimes life threatening consequences.

Last week two men were traveling down a road when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicles then veered off the road and collided with a large tree. Unfortunately, the passenger in the vehicle was partially ejected through the front windshield. After the passenger was ejected his clothes then caught on fire causing serious burn injuries in addition to physical injuries he sustained during the initial collision. It is safe to say that the car is going to need more than just a windshield replacement to get it running again. We are still unsure of the status of the man who caught fire but the driver is set to show up in court on Sept 4th.

At this time we are unsure if the windshield that was on the vehicle during the crash was an OEM windshield replacement or a aftermarket windshield. Typically we recommend that drivers who get a windshield replacement should look into getting an oem windshield instead of a aftermarket car window. OEM windshield replacements are typically much thicker and more durable than regular aftermarket windshields.

Remember, if you develop a crack in your windshield you need to bring it into the shop as soon as possible to get your cheap windshield repair done. The longer you wait the higher chance you have that the windshield crack will lengthen and a less costly repair turns into an expensive full blown car window replacement that is going to take a toll on your wallet. get a car window repair in san diego here.


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