Stay safe in the Car


What you should know to stay safe when opening and closing your car doors. (Photo Credits)

Staying safe in the car has a lot to do with safely using car doors.

Door locks to be in particular are very critical especially when danger is present.

IFL Science for instance shared a story on how a lion tried to open a door of one of the vehicles that went into a safari tour.

“It’s the great fear of every pet owner: one day Rover or Tiger will work out how to use door handles and there goes our privacy. Multiply it a few thousand times and contemplate how anyone living on the African savanna feels about the idea of big cats figuring out how to operate technology without opposable thumbs.”

Watch the video here.

Safety First

Authorities meantime warned vehicle owners about coins stuck in car doors as reported in American News.Com. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“Criminals have reportedly been using pennies and nickels to break into cars. Here’s how it works: The thief jams a coin into the door handle on the car’s passenger side. Then, they wait for the car owner to show up and follow the owner home. When the owner tries to lock the car, the mechanism fails because the passenger door handle is jammed, which gives the thief the ability to enter the car through the unlocked door.”

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It is a different matter altogether though if the vehicle owner aggressively uses a car door to show force, just like this story featured over at Bleacher Report. Windshield Wiki

“Lesnar succeeded in wreaking havoc on their brand-new Cadillac on Monday Night Raw in Chicago, but in tossing aside one of the passenger doors, Lesnar accidentally hit a fan in the audience. “

Here’s the video clip.

How do you safely use your car doors?