Car Glass Tales

red ONE car above shattered glass : san francisco (2013)

Random Stories on Car Glass. (Photo Credits)

Car glass can be very hard to break. And when a person is in a highly-stressful situation, sometimes, it could be difficult to think straight and become more resourceful.

A local glass and tint shop has shared ways on how to break car glass during emergencies as featured over

“A video of a woman in Merriam desperately trying to save a child stuck inside a hot car, by breaking a widow, has gone viral. In it, she tries using multiple items to break the glass, without success, until a bystander with a truck hitch finally breaks it for her. They then rescue the young child inside. Now a local glass and tint shop is sharing tips on how to easily break the glass in an emergency.”

Take a look at the report here.

What to do in emergencies

Speed Society meantime shared a vital tip on how to quickly shatter car glass during emergencies.

Check out the video below as the single shard is tossed at the window and the window doesn’t hesitate to shatter to the ground. This could prove to be especially useful should you be stuck in a situation where you need to get into a car in an emergency. “

Watch the video here. meantime shared an alarming news when a cyclist hurled a bike lock on a rear window of a car, covering a baby in a car seat with shattered glass.

“A baby was left covered in broken glass after a cyclist smashed a driver’s window in a road rage attack. Rhiannon Gautama accused the man of hitting the rear window of her car – above where her four-month-old baby was sleeping – with his bike lock.”

Read the story here.

What is your car glass story?