Important things to take note of when putting your child into a car seat

Safety First

It is every parent’s concern. (Photo Credits)

Car seat safety should remain a priority for every parent. With numerous accidents involving vehicles, it should remain a primary concern to safeguard and protect the lives of children. AutoGlass Safety Council

Upworthy shared ten tips to ensure your little tots will remain safe during his vehicle ride.
“This can truly be a matter of life and death, so buckle up — metaphorically, of course — and take a few minutes to read about these ten extremely important tips from Baer.”

Read the ten tips here.

Avoiding Mistakes

Baby Center for its part shared ways to avoid car seat safety mistakes. Windshield Wiki
“It’s tempting to lift your child out of the car seat and hold him in your arms when he’s having a tantrum after hours on the road, or when you’re making a quick dash from one place to another with friends and it’s easier for everyone to pile into the same vehicle than to take separate cars. This might seem safe enough. After all, you’d hold your child tight if anything happened, right? But the truth is that even if you’re belted in, your child could be ripped from your arms by the force of a collision. And if you manage to get the seat belt around both of you, your weight could actually crush your child to death. So as much as your child may scream — and as inconvenient as taking your own car is when the two of you could just hop into someone else’s — never let your child ride in a moving car unless he’s safely strapped into an age-appropriate, correctly installed car seat or booster.”

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Fox 8 Cleveland meantime warned parents about bulky winter coats and car seats.

“Jessica Timms, a certified car seat technician, says winter coats should not be worn underneath the harness of a car seat because in the event of an accident, it could pose a serious threat.”

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How do you ensure your child’s safety while strapped in the car seat?

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