The advantages of using car wax

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Shiny and clean: just some of the many benefits of using car wax on a vehicle. (Photo Credits) 

Applying car wax can add up another step to cleaning a car, but it has its own advantages in terms of making a car appear a lot more cleaner and at the same time making it shiny for an extended amount of time.

The website Nutley Kia shared some tips on waxing vehicles. AutoGlass Safety Council

“#1 Wash before you wax: It should be a common sense to wax a car after you wash it. Rinse and wash the car thoroughly by hand with clean water and special cleaner. Do not use dish soap or laundry soap. They could damage the vehicle. #2 Use spray wax: Spray wax is easy-to-use and saves your time. Just simply spray the wax on the whole exterior of the vehicle, and then wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth to buff to a high shine.”

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The benefits of using car wax

Mom Knows Best 2 shared some of the many advantages of using a car wax. Windshield Wiki

“ Wax not only gives the paint on your car a good gloss it is saves the surface from scratches. The clear coat of wax also takes the environmental abuse like ultraviolet rays, exhaust salt, dirt, rain, bug guts and bird poop which builds up and makes tiny scratches and oxidation to the surface of the vehicle. Not waxing will make the car paint easily wear-off and give it a dull look. Below are few useful ways to wax you car.”

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In the nation also enumerated more advantages of waxing cars.

“(1) Preventing the chipping that occurs in paint when your vehicle is struck by flying debris. It slows the effects of smog, wind, rain and sun on your finish. (2) Filling in scratches. While you can’t remove small scratches from your car by waxing, you can help make them less noticeable.”

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A car wax shine, matched with shiny and cleand car windows and windshield will make any car look like new.