Staying Safe in the Car

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Car Window Safety. (Photo Credits)

Safety precautions in dealing with your car’s windshield and windows are important if you want to ensure you and your passengers’ safety inside your vehicle.

Canadian website Metro emphasized that the cleanliness of the windshield plays an important part in keeping safe. “Gunk can form on the windshield even on dry, sunny days. Insects and bird droppings are the most noticeable culprits, but it can also include sticky substances kicked up off the asphalt by other vehicles: dust and grime, oil, and even the thin film of rubber that builds up on the road from the thousands of tires driving over it. If the windshield is dry, it should always be moistened with the washers before the wipers are turned on. Not only is that grime hard on the rubber, but it can potentially scratch the glass. When you wash your car, it’s common for minerals in the water to dry on the windshield, causing spots. It can be difficult to remove these dried-on deposits and a glass cleaner may need to be used to remove them.”

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Rethink the tint

In France, they banned the use of car window tints to ensure the safety of Car drivers and passengers. AutoGlass Safety Council

“While some say tinted windows offer more privacy and some kind of shade from the sun, the government believes drivers use them to hide behind. Police have more difficulty spotting if someone is using a mobile phone at the wheel, driving without a seat belt – or even worse, if they might be armed. They are also considered to restrict visibility and prevent cyclists and pedestrians from working out whether drivers have spotted them.”

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Related Mobile Windshield Repair Services

The Website Woodbeck Auto Parts meantime shared what could be done if and when you find a crack in your windshield.

“It’s an event that can happen at any time on the road. You’re driving along, following a truck when a small object bounces off the windshield causing a crack to appear. While the crack might be small, it can grow larger over time as it places additional stress on the entire windshield.”

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So what safety precautions do you take?