Pets Inside the Car

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Do not leave them in the car. Photo Credits

Apart from babies, pets are also forgotten inside hot cars, endangering their lives.

Free Thought Project.Com shared to its readers a story on how a Police Officer got accused of leaving his K-9 dog in his service vehicle on a hot day, with windows all rolled up.

“The dog was found dead after spending an entire hot day in the car without any water or ventilation. According to an affidavit obtained by KCWY13 news, it was 86 degrees on the day when the dog was left in the vehicle. The car was parked in direct view of a security camera at the police station, which captured officers Zachary Lee Miller and Jake Bigelow leaving the dog in the vehicle. Miller is the senior officer who was responsible for the dog, but he has put the blame on Bigelow, his trainee. Miller said that he “yelled” at Bigelow for not turning the air conditioner on, but the fact still remains that the dog was in the car for 6 hours unattended, without any water.”

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A Dose of her own Medicine

To show humans just how it feels to be left inside the car, Website I Heart Dogs reported that a police officer asked a lady who left her dog inside a hot car, to stay in her car with the windows rolled up. Auto Glass Safety Council

“So when this cop found a dog inside a car, with no ventilation at all, he reprimanded the owner. The woman went inside a supermarket, and when she returned to her car, a police officer was there waiting for her. When the police officer questioned her about the situation, she said the dog is “fine”. The officer decided to give her a ticket, and told her that she can wait inside the car and close the door, because as she said, it’s not that hot.” Windshield

Check out the video here.

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A war veteran meanwhile smashed a car window after seeing that a dog was left inside without ventilation, on a very hot day.

“A Georgia Army veteran who saved a dog from a hot car has been arrested for smashing a window to free the animal. Trace Gallagher reported on “The Real Story” that Michael Hammons of Athens was charged with criminal trespassing after freeing a small Pomeranian mix from a vehicle parked outside a shopping mall. Gallagher said that several shoppers noticed the dog in distress and called the authorities. Hammons wasn’t waiting for police to arrive, so he grabbed the footrest of his wife’s wheelchair and smashed the window.”

Watch the news report here.

Do you take your dogs with you on your errands or do you leave them in your car to wait?