SALEM — A Londonderry woman survived a bizarre accident on Interstate 93 Monday that sent a construction sign smashing through her windshield

Honda Civic is impaled by shoulder tripod construction sign through front auto glass


A woman’s windshield was impaled by a construction sign as she was driving along the highway randomly. carglass1 would like to remind its patrons to always remain vigilant when driving, potential hazards could be due to arrive at any moment and it is important that drivers remain alert.

The woman was driving along the highway, following a large semi-truck 18-wheeler when the truck passed by a tripod construction sign located on the shoulder of the highway. The truck did not hit the sign but when it passed by the sign it caused the sign to kick up and fly directly into the windshield of car behind. The woman in the vehicle that was impaled by the construction sign suffered only minor injuries, though one of the sign legs had ended up going through the windshield and striking her in the nose.

This is truly a freak accident that drivers cannot prepare for, instead drivers can only remain alert and vigilant so that they can try to avoid obstacles when they arise. No doubt the woman in the accident is going to need more than a simple windshield replacement. Here at CarGLass1 we want to remind everyone to drive safely because the world is full of potential hazardous events while driving.

Also, if you experience a chip in your auto glass we highly recommend that you mobile auto glass repair san diego cg1 bring it into our shop as soon as possible so that our highly trained technicians can examine your damage. If a chip is caught soon enough it can be repaired before it spreads and turns into a costly windshield replacement.

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