Get Creative the Next Time you see a Dirty Windshield

Dirty drawing on dirty windshield

You now know where to exercise your creativity. Photo Credits

Car Window Drawings can be a work of art, because after all, turning dirt into something wonderful requires more than an ounce of creativity.

Website featured 15 animated and wonderful drawings on dirty windshields and auto glass. The art sketches that they featured showed various drawings which ranged from christmas-themed works of art, up to very detailed pieces just like a group of dogs playing poker.

“Here’s a very intricate recreation of the famous dogs playing poker painting. Of course, this one is in black and white, but if you’re a dog, it looks exactly the same.”

Check out the photos of the auto glass works of art here.

Fun and Amazing Drawings

In this post by website The Inspiration, they featured works of art by famous dirty car window artist Scott Wade. The website entitled its post “Dirty Car Drawings by Scott Wade.”

Check out the unconventional artsy stuff here.

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AutoGlass Safety Council. Website took a closer look at the premiere dirty car artist, who apparently hails from Texas.

“To most people a dirty windscreen means it’s time to take your car for a wash but for one man in Texas it’s an excuse to create a piece of art. Scott Wade works as a graphic user interface designer, but his time is increasingly spent creating his own inimitable works of art on the back windows of vehicles. Wade has made a name for himself as the world’s premier dirty car artist and in recent years his unusual talent has taken him around the world.”

Read the rest of the story here.


So do you draw on a dusty windshield or douse water on it?