How to Replace your Windshield Wipers

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It is not that complicated. (Photo Credits)

Windshield Wipers help drivers a lot especially in ensuring their safety. But wipers also get brittle, fray, and will not be as efficient after some time, and will soon need to be replaced.

The website GK Polishing gave drivers a guide on how to know if the wipers’ blades are already due for replacement. AutoGlass Safety Council        

Using windshield wipers that are damaged or worn not only can be dangerous for driving in poor weather, it can also cause considerable damage to your windshield. While new windshield wipers only cost about $20, repairing chips or scratches on your windshield cost considerably more. Not only will replacing your windshield wiper blades help keep you safe, it will also help to keep your car in top condition.”

Know the telltale signs here.

Easy to Replace

If you purchased a whole set, the website Scion-Owners says you can definitely install your own replacement wipers. Windshield Wiki

If you purchased an entire wiper set, they should have come with detailed instructions for installation. If you purchased just the blade portion and have never replaced wipers before, you may want to have a technician guide you through the installation.”

Check out the article here.

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Hot Rod.Com meantime featured a way to replace and convert vacuum-style wipers of vintage vehicles to electrical powered ones like the modern cars of today.

f you’ve ever driven a car with vacuum windshield wipers in the rain, you’ll recognize this scenario. As you encounter an incline the wipers slow down, as the incline becomes steeper you step down on the gas pedal, the wipers come to a complete stop, and you’re driving blind. Your only recourse is to lift off the throttle long enough for the wipers to make a couple of passes and restore your vision, then it’s back on the gas to keep from being run over by the cars behind you—and the process begins over.”

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