Help Eliminate Heat and Too Much Sunshine on your Car


It could be better to just make a Sun Shade for yourself. Photo Credits

The heat of the sun penetrates vehicles from the car window, and if your car glass is not tinted, you will definitely need sun shades.

What if you would not like to buy one or if you are too tired of the all too common designs that are available in the market? featured in its website a great idea for this especially meant for RVs.

“With the days of hot sunshine fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to start sewing up some easy sewing projects for the summer. This DIY Car Sun Shade is the perfect place to start. If you plan on having some little ones in your car this summer, this project is an absolute necessity. Created with a fat quarter, this sun shade suctions onto the window of your car with a suction cup. This makes it easily removable and a quick clean if it gets dirty.”

Get the pattern here.

Minimize the heat too.

Another Sun Shade idea for your motorhome has been featured in the website RVing. It claims, it helps much in reducing the heat inside the RV.

“Today, as the mid-day sun was starting to make the interior uncomfortable, I installed the reflective insulation on the inside of my windshield. The interior temperature dropped immediately! Down it came by at least a good 10 degrees. It’s probably more, but I’m being conservative…I’ve read that the effectiveness of using reflective bubble wrap insulation could be even better if it is applied to the outside of the windshield. But for me, placing it on the inside is easier, more secure, and does a remarkable job as it is.”

Check it out here.

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But when you have babies and younger kids, you have to be more creative. The Mom Blogger behind the website Play Me Mama Crafts featured a Do-It-Yourself Sun Shade for babies made of an old kid-sized shirt.

“The DIY car window sun shade for baby that I shared how to make over on Green Moms Collective this week will help baby enjoy those car trips just a little bit more. I know our little M3 is enjoying his car window sun shade and the other M’s have decided we need another one for their window so that the sun stays off their iPads! They picked a Sesame Place t-shirt for their window.”

Get the instructions here.

So how prepared are you for your sunny road trips?