An Ashe County woman escaped serious injury when two wooden fence rails came through her front windshield in a wreck early Saturday morning on Boone Trail in Purlear.


 Fence Rails Crash Through Driver’s Front Windshield

It seems that an older woman was very lucky this week when two fence rails slammed through her front windshield, narrowly missing her head. The woman was very lucky as the fence rails came within a few inches of her face during the collision. One of the emergency medical technicians on the scene reported that “She must have been sitting on a Bible to escape this one as she did,”, she was very lucky indeed.

Before the collision a deputy was pursing the vehicle which was reported to have been driving erratically. Unfortunately, the deputy that was pursing the car window replacement vehicle was unable to intercept the car before the woman plowed through a fence causing rails to impale the entire front windshield of the vehicle. It was later determined the woman was experiencing medical issues which caused the erratic driving and the collision.

Here at carglass1 we want you all to remember that you should always be aware of your surroundings while driving. You never know what other drivers around you could be doing or what could be happening. Your first priority should be to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Remember, if you ever get a crack or a chip in your windshield you should always make it a priority to bring it into a windshield repair or replacement center to get checked out. The longer you wait the higher the probability that the crack is going to length and instead of a windshield replacment or repair you will have to instead get a windshield replacement.


Please drive safely.

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