Children in the Car

Ines driving home, with us kids in the back

Driving with kids in tow. (Photo Credits)

After making sure they are safely tucked in their car seats, the adventure of travelling with children begins. Windshield Wiki              

Yes, it does not start with the car seat struggle, cliché as it may seem, buckling up the kids is just the tip of the iceberg.

Huffington Post published a funny open letter of a mother to the kids in her car that will prove this point.

“We need to have a chat. You have lost sight of my purpose when I’m in the car. And since I spend much of my time there, we need to redefine the roles, so that I don’t go batsh*t insane crazy. I’ll give you a hint: My spot is called The DRIVER’S seat.”

Read the rest of the open letter here.

Keep them happy shared ways to keep kids happy inside cars. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“As any parent can attest, we spend so much time shuttling our kids between school, practice, play dates, and birthday parties, our cars are like second homes. Make those miles more calm, productive, and – dare we say – enjoyable with these easy tips for keeping kids of all ages happy while you’re on the road.”

Check out the tips here.

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But when the unexpected happens, children should be encouraged to stay calm.

A firefighter featured over at the Australian News website 9News was seen comforting a child in an accident by playing “happy feet” video clip on his phone.

“The children and an adult driver were travelling in an SUV on an exit ramp when it left the road and rolled several times, crushing the roof, US newspaper The Sun Herald reports.”

Check out the report here.

How do you keep your kids happy in the car?