Vacuum your Car Clean

Don´t leave any particle of dust...please

Car cleaning should always include a good vacuum routine. (Photo Credits)

A newly-vacuumed car makes for an even cleaner car.

Lighthouse Express Car Wash has shared some tips on how to vacuum your car like a professional.

“Tip 3: Move the seats! The car seats move forwards and backwards for our convenience. When cleaning the front, move the seat fully backwards so you can reach and clean every nook and cranny. Repeat for the back, except move the seat forward to reach deep underneath the seat”

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Clean every nook and cranny

Half of the battle for a neatly vacuumed car is finding the right car vacuum cleaner for the job. Windshield Wiki

Jazz My Ride gave some tips on how to find the one that will suit a vehicle owner’s needs. AutoGlass Safety Council
“A machine that does not make noise is the best. If you do not find any specification regarding the sound of the vacuum, then ask to show its performance, so that you can find it by yourself. If you are purchasing the car vacuum cleaner online, then you must check for the comments and reviews by user.”

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Clean Insider also gave additional tips in choosing the right car vacuum cleaner.

“In this fast moving life, we are in the need to fulfill all our requirements quickly and without wasting time. For our locomotion, we depend on transports and cars are of primitive importance. Being used too much, cars need lots of care for the cleaning purpose. No on like dirty, clumsy and bad smell cars, we need instant cleaning sometimes, while moving. You cannot carry your home vacuum cleaner with you while traveling and when you go for a car wash and its internal cleaning, it needs a lot of time. Here it generates the need of specialized best car vacuum which gives multiple benefits to its customers and easy access and easy use.”

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What vacuum do you use for your car?