Problematic Tail Lights

Hit a deer

A busted tail light is an urgent concern. (Photo Credits)

Minor accidents happen and they can happen even in the most inopportune time. Broken tail lights can be a headache especially when it happens in the middle of a long trip. But what can a car owner do? came up with an online tutorial on how to deal with a busted tail light. Windshield Wiki

“The first step is to determine how the lens comes off of the car. On some vehicles, the lens is removed by screws located on the outside of the lens cap. Other bulbs come off by accessing the a plastic cover through the trunk. The plastic cover may be held into place by tabs or screws. If you don’t see any screws on the tail light lens cap, chances are the bulb is probably accessed through the trunk.”

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Lens Repair

WikiHow also came up with a list of ways to fix a broken tail light. One of which is by using a lens repair kit. AutoGlass Safety Council

“Repair lens cracks with lens repair tape. Using tape is meant to only be a temporary fix. You purchase tape or buy a lens repair kit that comes with resin that you simply place over the crack to make it waterproof again. You want to clean and dry the area where the tape is to be applied. Just before adding the tape wipe the area with a lint free cloth that is wet with rubbing alcohol, and let it dry, then apply the tape.”

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The website also detailed how to repair tail lights, including turn signal switches.

“The turn signal switch is the switch which activates the flasher on your turn signal when you move it in either an up or down direction. If your turn signal switch is not working properly, you can save yourself some money by replacing it yourself rather than paying a mechanic to do it.”

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Vehicle owners should not take broken tail lights lightly. Apart from it being a traffic violation, keeping it on a busted state puts the driver and his passengers at risk.

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