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VW camper van

Happy camping in an iconic camper van. (Photo Credits)

Camper Vans will never be a thing of the past. Whether it be a family, a group of friends, or a couple, hitting the road with a camper will always be a great adventure.

Off Grid Quest for instance shared photos of camper vans that have been pimped out. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“For example, did you know that you can (with relative ease) switch out the original engine for a Porsche engine? I’m not sure how a stock van would handle increase in speed, but these VW Vans you’re about to see here are far from “stock.” From pool tables, to AT-AT’s these VW Camper Van owners have taken “Pimp My Van” to the next level. “

Check out the photos here.

Life in a Camper Van

Cottage Life meantime shared photographs of camper vans that are good as mobile homes. Windshield Wiki             

“When done right, campers are beautiful miniature homes on wheels. Some are fully decked out with mini kitchens and bathrooms, while others are cozy sleeping spaces to come home to after a day of roaming and cooking over campfires. Whatever your needs, you can find a camper van to fit them—or create one yourself.”

Take a look at the pictures here.

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Goods Home Design meantime shared a video instructional on how to convert a van into an RV Camper.

“Here is a success story, of someone who managed to turn a van into an off-grid camper in just 17 days. This camper includes a comfy fixed bed, kitchen units and lots of clever storage spaces. The entire camper is powered by solar power, so the owner can make use of an off-grid energy source to power the camper and its features.”

Watch it here.

Camper vans are indeed fun!

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