The Beauty of Restored Vehicles

Vintage car

The beauty of vintage. (Photo Credits)

Ask any car enthusiast and he will say that there really is something special about Vintage Cars. The challenge of being able to restore an old car into its old glory seems to be a very exciting thought for those who have a soft spot for restored vehicles.

Beyond Blindfold shared about 60 cars that have been found rotting in a private carport, sending vintage car enthusiasts in awe but at the same time shaking their heads. AutoGlass Safety Council 

“The cars were left to rust under a collection of coverings and sheds located on the family farm in western France. The fleet isn’t made up of just any old vehicles, but instead this car collection includes some of the most collectable cars in the world, and is worth an estimated 14.9 million US dollars.”

Check out the photos here.

Awesome restored vehicles

The Verge meantime shared photos of vintage Nissan Cars displayed in an auto show. Windshield Wiki

“There are a lot of beautiful cars here at the New York Auto Show, but the most head-turning ones on the floor aren’t new. In fact, a few of them are really old. Nissan, which is here this week to show off the updated GT-R, has assembled a handful of classic Skylines dating back as far as 1969. “

Take a look at the vintage car here.

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The love for vintage cars was meantime featured in an animated Disney film entitled “Cars.” Oh My Disney published a feature on the cars.

“We told Jay to wander around and find the cars that called to him, and then to sketch those cars as if they were characters in the films. It was truly amazing to watch the process from start to finish before our eyes. Since you all couldn’t be there with us, we’ve got the before and after images for you today!”

Check out the real-life to reel life transformations here.

Do you have a soft spot for vintage cars?