Converting buses into quaint homes

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Can a bus be a home? (Photo Credits)

Buses are big and can accommodate a lot of people. And unlike the usual camper vans and mobile homes, buses can be bigger, longer and wider, and sturdier.

The website LittleThings.Com featured a bus conversion that sprang from a beautiful story. AutoGlass Safety Council                        

“Back in 2011, the couple purchased an old school bus with the intention of turning it into a house. They took inspiration from cozy, traditional cabins for their unusual home, and created one seriously cute tiny house. School buses are popular choices among intrepid DIY-ers who are looking to create small, efficient, and often mobile homes, like the couple who converted a bus into a Bohemian-chic, mobile oasis. The Thompsons, though, weren’t looking to move — just to have a home that was both manageable and truly reflective of who they were.”

Take a look at it here.

Quaint and Tiny

The website Meta Spoon also shared many photos of a school bus conversion. Windshield Wiki

“In 2011, Mira and Jeremy Thompson bought a 1989 school bus with the intention of turning it into their dream home. They had no plans on keeping this bus mobile so they were able to make very efficient use of all available space. In keeping with the DIY spirit of recycling, the couple outfitted their home with a lot of reclaimed materials and items from antique and thrift stores. Check out the photos below and see the results for yourself!”

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Shareably for its part featured the lifestyle change of one man, who eventually transformed a yellow school but into his own dream abode.

“Jade, a man from British Columbia, started a successful company in the Vancouver area. He had everything he wanted, but eventually, he realized he wasn’t living the life that would make him happy. He had a love for the outdoors and simplicity, so he decided to make the two a central part of his lifestyle. Jade purchased an old school bus and transformed it into a full-time tiny home. On the outside, he made it far more visually appealing than your typical yellow school bus. But it’s the inside that’s truly stunning. In the video below, Jade takes you on a tour through his home. He converted the interior into a comfortable, cozy home. The décor has a rustic and modern feel to it. The walls are made of wood, and he’s use wood countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen. Jade has even modified the bus to use a diesel engine that runs on vegetable oil!”

Watch the video here.  

Transforming a bus into a home can indeed be life-changing.

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