Do not let roaches invade your vehicle


When cockroaches start to infest a car. (Photo Credits)

Cockroaches are so gross, and what could even be more hair-raising is being inside a vehicle that is infested with roaches. AutoGlass Safety Council 

The website All Singapore Stuff published a letter from one of its contributors about finding what seems to be a village of roaches all inside just one car.

“I set a cockroach trap on the floor of my front passenger seat hoping to catch 1 or 2 creepy crawlies after I saw a few insects running about in my car. To my shock, when I removed the trap one month later, there was a village of cockroaches found in the trap. There were 11 to 12 media roaches and many other small little baby ones.”

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Cockroaches and cars

A man who has been cheated on by his partner meantime took advantage of the grossness of roaches to seek vengeance. DC Gazette featured his story. Windshield Wiki

“Most of us have had that one special significant other who has done the ultimate wrong to us: CHEATED. Well, this man in Brazil recorded his special way of how he handled his cheating girlfriend, by giving her a box full of COCKROACHES! And then he locks her in the vehicle leaving her to suffer!”

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The Kam meawhile gave its readers some guidelines on how to get rid of roaches, and what to do to prevent them from returning to infest the car.

“In order to  to chase out those illegal migrants, we have been asking around, searching online, reading from magazine, to find an effective solution for the past few years. Pandan leaves, cockroach trap (various types and brands), cockroach spray, park car under the hot sun, thorough vacuuming, etc, etc believe me, we have tried all means. Every time we did something, the number of cockroaches reduced, but after a while they come back, and the cycle repeats. We now restrict them to eat in the car as much as possible and this really helps a lot.”

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Have you ever had roach problems in the car?