Best cloth to use in cleaning the windshield, and car windows

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Do you use microfiber towels to clean your autoglass? (Photo Credits)

Microfiber cloth is one of the safest fabric to use to clean your car glass window. And why not, it is soft, fluffy, absorbs wetness so well, and easily makes a glass surface shine. gave some tips on using microfiber cloth in cleaning auto glass, particularly windshield and car windows.

“Swing by a store like Target or Walmart and pick up a small clothes hamper for the garage and dedicate this for just microfiber polishing cloths. It’s vitally important that your microfiber polishing cloths don’t get contaminated with dirt and other abrasive particles…So invest in enough microfiber polishing cloths to make a small wash load and invest in a dedicated clothes hamper for the garage to keep them from getting dirty and contaminated. Then when you have enough dirty microfiber polishing cloths to make a wash load, wash them, dry them and then store them in a place where they wont’ get dirty.”

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Wash it first. also shared in its website the best way to maximize the use of microfiber towels in cleaning. “These things have been driving me crazy for the last couple of years with their promises of perfectly clean glass and better-than-anything-else performance. It seems that no matter how many times I decide to pull them out of the drawer and give them a try again, or what type of microfiber cloth I use, they never even come close to working the way they’re supposed to! But I want them to! I have glass-cleaning needs! So, what’s the deal with these things? Are they actually as good as they’re marketed to be or are you better off just using paper towels or newspaper? Well. On one recent cleaning adventure, the stars aligned and everything fell into place and the secret was revealed to me! So, I remembered that you’re supposed to wash your cloths before you use them, which I had done before. I washed them again though, just for the heck of it, and suddenly they worked like a charm!”

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To better demonstrate how to clean car’s windshield or autoglass, here’s a video uploaded in you tube by the Chemical Guys in their youtube channel. AutoGlass Safety Council

“Race cars and high performance track cars often use synthetic plastic windshields. These Plexiglas panes are hard and shatter-resistant for driver safety, but they are highly porous, and sensitive to scratches and swirls from improper wiping.”

Watch the video demonstration here.

So what do you use to clean you autoglass?