Electric-Powered Car Glass Tinting

Closer look at tints

Imagine an Electric Car Tint that clears and tints your car window at a push of a button. (Photo Credits)

Imagine being able to tint your car in an instant, and remove the tinting in n instant as well?

Does that sound too futuristic to you?

Well if it is then definitely, the future is NOW. AutoGlass Safety Council

TruckView TV Feature this type of tinting technology in its website. “Have you ever been pulled over for having tint on your ride? A lot of times, police will hassle you over dark windows because as much as we hate to admit it, tint is against the law. The guys at Smart Display Solutions are well on their way to a solution to this problem with their automatic dimming electric window tint! They don’t tell us exactly how the tint works, but they do give us a pretty unique display that shows it in action. How do you think a cop would respond when he pulls you over for your tint, only to walk up to the car and see only clear glass!?”

Check out the video here.

Futuristic technology

The same technology was featured over at Extreme Car Zone. “You will have a remote control and when you press a button it will allow you to change the light transmission of your car windows from dark to clear.”

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The website Powerblock is equally amazed with the above-mentioned technology.

“SDS CAR SMART FILM (SCF) Is Self-Adhesive film which allows drivers and passengers to freely change the light transmission/tint of their car window from dark to clear instantly with the press of a button.”

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Will you want a tint like that for your car? Windshield Wiki