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Auto Glass Tint is getting more sophisticated, and fun. (Photo credits: Jame McCall, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Are you thinking of having your car windows tinted? Are you familiar with the recent trends in auto tinting? BMW Windshield Repair

It is getting exciting in this field really. In Singapore for instance, a scientist has developed a smart window that can tint and power itself. The website shared the window can adjust its tint without needing any external prompt, and can even operate as a battery. “The NTU smart window contains liquid electrolyte placed in between two glass sheets coated with indium tin oxide (ITO), commonly used as transparent conductive coatings for television displays. One sheet is coated with an additional layer of a pigment known as Prussian Blue and the other one is attached to a thin strip of aluminum foil. The Prussian Blue gives the glass a blue tint when it is fully charged.” Honda Windshield Replacement

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For the family car, auto glass tints have become so child-friendly it comes with cute, adorable designs. Australian website reported that two Australian mothers who have grown to be very frustrated with the current selection for car tints came up with the new product called they called Toddler Tints.

“As fun as the designs are it is the comprehensive practical features of Toddler Tints that make them the perfect accessory for kids in the car this summer. Most importantly, they don’t create a blind spot. This means great visibility and safe lane changing for you as well as easy outside viewing for your back seat passenger.”

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And while there are new technologies for the benefit of private motorists, there are also new developments in the law enforcement front that could help the police to see through car window tints.

News Website reported that in Bristol, Tennessee, local police have acquired a new tool that could make them measure tint levels and at the same time easily see through heavily tinted car windows. “Police say tint that is darker than the legal limit creates a safety issue both for the occupants of the vehicle and other motorists. Capt. Charlie Thomas said, ‘If your relying on being able to see the cars headlights to recognize there’s a car coming, you’re in a bad situation to begin with because not everybody turns their headlights on.’ The Bristol, TN Police Department says they have eight of the new devices.”

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So if you are thinking of having your car windows tinted, better be aware of the latest trends and news.