Carglass1 is happy to announce the new exhibit, Lowrider Legends of San Diego at the San Diego Automotive Museum. This exhibit will be open from the first of February until the second of June. The Lowrider Legends of San Diego exhibit will include works done by David Aguilar, a local that specializes in these types of vehicles. The lowerider is a vehicle that was made popular in the nineteen thirties in Los Angeles. After its introduction, the lowrider quickly grew to be part of the Mexican-American subculture. People living in San Diego have shown a real appreciation for the lowrider ever since it was introduced.

Automobiles designed with hydraulics

The cars are designed with hydraulics that gives them the ability to raise and lower the vehicle at will. This gives them the ability to drive the vehicle without the car dragging on the ground. The beginning hydraulic systems where made out of airplane parts. These parts were used until they discovered that the tailgates of trucks where a smaller and much cheaper option. To complete the system for the car to work properly a minimum of two pumps had to be used. The Lowrider Legends of San Diego exhibit will also have other items along with the vehicles. These items range from different types of memorabilia, pedal cars, and jackets from the local car clubs.

Classic Autmotive Vechicles

The Lowrider Legends of San Diego features several cars from the nineteen forties to the nineteen eighties. The cars include two nineteen fifties trucks, a Chevrolet Impala from nineteen sixty four, and a nineteen eighty Monte Carlo.

The Lowrider Legends of San Diego highlights the life of famous lowrider designer David Aguilar. Two of his cars are featured in the display. The cars are a nineteen fifty Fleetline made by Chevrolet and nineteen thirty five Plymouth. Learn more about Car Window Repair here, and find everything you need to know.When these cars need windshield replacement, their owners know exactly where to go. This year will be the second time that David Aguilar has been featured in this museum. He was first featured in 2006 with the same two cars. Automotive enthusiasts are glad that the cars are being featured again. These two vehicles will be on display for the entire length of the exhibit that will end in the beginning of June.

David Aguilar believed in using quality parts and that is exactly what you will find at the auto museum, located in Balboa Park. There are several museums, performing arts, gardens, and other attractions that the folks at Carglass1 loves to visit as well. Each of these museums features quality. When the employees from the Carglass1 go to visit any of the museums, they often run into customers of their business, because these employees appreciate quality. Low Cost Auto Glass San Diego That is what you will also find if you check out the large selection of windshield replacement available from them. Therefore, if a tree limb or even a ball while visiting the park hits your car, then San Diego’s own Carglass1 reminds you that they are here to assist you.
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