Windshield Note Left By stranger

There are few things more frustrating than coming back after a long day and finding you’ve left your car’s lights on all day, and your battery is now drained.

Most of us have witnessed a car with its lights left on in the parking lot and wished we could help the driver. But after having that thought, most of us have probably just walked on.

Well, here’s one man who didn’t.

Yesterday, a Reddit post told the story of a guy who returned to his car after a long day at university and discovered a note on his windshield. But it wasn’t — to his relief — a parking ticket:

The kind act, which took place in Edmonton, Canada, stirred Redditors to effusive praise.

User “Musicray” remarked:

They even left rocks, what a nice person.

While user “I_SPLIT_INFINITIVES” had this to say:

The important thing is to be this person in the world. To try to do something, whenever you can, that makes someone realize that people can be kind.

The story has blown up in a big way on Reddit, with over 1,500 comments. It’s a reminder and example that a simple gesture of kindness can have a big impact.


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Random acts of Kindness on a windshield

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