What you can do to avoid your car glass from getting scratches


Do not let scratched ruin the over-all look of your car. (Photo Credits)

Scratches on your car glass are nothing but a mild annoyance, but it gives you that shaking urge to do something about it.
Canadian Website Yellow Pages however maintains, when it comes to glass scratches, prevention is better than a cure. AutoGlass Safety Council

“On top of failing at their only job, old windshield wipers can also cause auto glass scratches. Protect your windshield from damage with these useful tips. These simple tips and tricks can help you avoid most scratches and keep your windshield clear. Start with a clean windshield If your windshield gets very dirty, help your wipers out by cleaning off dirt with a cloth. That way your wiper blades don’t have to drag the grit across the glass, which can causes scratches. When you stop to fill up for gas, make it part of your routine to wash off the windshield or wipe off the wiper blades. This simple step will greatly reduce the likelihood of auto glass scratches.”

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Continuous Innovation

At present, Glass Professionals are doing what they can to come up with a great technology that enables glass surfaces to become completely scratch resistant. CNET.Com shares behind the scenes action on glass testing in one of its posts. Windshield Wiki

“Using extra-fine sandpaper (320 grit, to be exact), Corning scientist Kevin Reiman lightly rubbed the surface of a small, thin square of transparent sapphire crystal. Synthetic sapphire, a material second only to diamonds in hardness, has been the talk of the tech industry this year as a potential replacement to the glass that now covers smartphone screens. The sapphire piece Reiman held didn’t scratch. Not one bit.”

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According to website TheVerge.Com glass giant Corning is working on a premium scratch resistant glass product.

“A few months ago, Corning unveiled the latest revision of its signature Gorilla Glass. Yet again, the company claimed to have produced a stronger glass that’s more resistant to common drops and accidents that your smartphone can experience in everyday use. Since it’s still so new, only a tiny list of manufacturers (including Samsung) are using Gorilla Glass 4 at this point, but Corning is already looking ahead to what’s next. Today, as reported by CNET, the company announced Project Phire, a new product that promises to combine Gorilla Glass 4’s damage resistance with ‘scratch resistance that approaches sapphire.’”

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So how do you prevent scratches on your car glass surfaces?