Windscreen Notes

New York, I see you...

What is written on that note? (Photo Credits)

You walk into your car, and see a note on your windscreen, what will you do? Do you read it? Or will you simply toss it without bothering to read?

A 35-year old mom was shocked and reduced to tears after reading a windscreen note let in her car. The mom is suffering from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes chronic pain all over the body. She needed to go to the supermarket with her son, and she used one of the parking slots available for disabled customers. AutoGlass Safety Council 

“A mum who battles chronic pain and used a disabled parking space in Tesco found a note on her car saying ‘being fat and ugly doesn’t count as disabled – park elsewhere’. PhD student Sarah Metcalfe, 35, suffers from fibromyalgia, a long-term condition that causes severe pain all over her body. The York mum-of-one has now branded the perpetrator a ‘Katie Hopkins-wannabe’, who is happy to spread hate without thinking.”

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Unseen or Ignored?

Mirror.Co.Uk meanwhile came out with an article on one of Britain’s professional football players who drove into one of his training sessions with a parking ticket still stuck in his windshield.

“Premier League footballers are, of course, a different breed. Just take a look at Raheem Sterling’s Range Rover as he arrived at Liverpool training on Monday. Apparently, top footballers simply ignore their parking tickets and hope they go away. After all, it’s pretty hard to miss the bright yellow document underneath his windscreen wiper. Either that, or we now know why Raheem really, really needs that big new contract at Liverpool.”

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British website Fast Car meanwhile shared photos of funny notes on windshields which it entitled as “10 Funny Windscreen Notes”

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So have you ever found a windscreen note on your car?