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1990 Fox Body Ford Mustang GT 5.0

Ways to make the car smell fresher. (Photo Credits)

For people who spend a lot of hours driving, it is important that their cars smell fresh all the time. Apart from making the ride more pleasant, it also helps a lot in making a good impression especially when other people will be riding the car as well.

But what if an offensive smell starts to build up in the car? How can a vehicle owner deal with it?

Automotive website shared some ways to deal with a stinky car odor. It however emphasized that for the effort to be effective, the car owner should first get to the bottom of the situation. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“Odors can be caused by ordinary objects and liquids that you may never suspect. Something as simple as water spilled on a dirty seat or a child’s sippy cup dripping milk can be the culprit, or it can be something else altogether such as a mechanical problem. To treat the issue, it’s important to discover the source and remove it. Some odors will be easier to eliminate than others, but all can be treated once you know the cause.”

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Keep it smelling fresh also shared tips on how to get rid of unwanted car odours. It however cautioned vehicle owners about certain smells that may represent red flag signals. Windshield Wiki    

“Serious smells. There are several smells that can be dangerous. If you notice a smell of gas inside the car then you probably have a leak. This is a hazard as the gas can ignite and cause a fire. You want to find this leak immediately and get it fixed.”

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WikiHow also came up with a comprehensive guide on de-stinking vehicles. It emphasized though that the owner must go back to basics first in order to fully determine where the offensive odour is coming from.

“They are much easier to remove when they first occur and will leave the least odor behind when removed fast. Also, do a regular sweep to remove food scraps, empty drink bottles, and any organic materials that have been traipsed into the car on fee, clothing, and equipment. When traveling with pets, ensure that they are adequately cared for so that there aren’t little messes. Cats can be carried in waterproof containers that will trap urine in the container rather than on the upholstery. And dogs should be toileted before entering the car and given regular toilet stops if you’re on a long trip.”

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