Double-digit growth in car sales in China, the world’s motor vehicle market, in the first half of the year helped to lift profit of one of the country’s biggest glass makers in the first half of the year.


The Auto glass giant Fuyao Glass Industry has been gaining more and more traction with the car boom that is currently occurring in china. Within the last decade car sales have been skyrocketing in china, which has in turn created a greater demand for auto glass for new cars. We can’t forget that this also means the number of car requiring an auto glass replacement also rises with the increasing number of cars on the road.

Fuyao is a large corporation headed up by chairman Cho Tak Wong. Fuyao currently supplies high quality auto glass and windshields to most major automobile manufacturers including BMW, GM, Ford, and other multinational car makers.

Most of the auto glass that is used in replacements in shops in the U.S typically arrive through Fuyao or one of its competitors. Here at car windows we highly recommend that anyone getting a windshield replacement should use high quality glass for a replacement. Remember that a  windshield plays an integral role in the protection of the car occupants during a collision, including a roll-over collision. During a roll-over collision auto glass plays an important role in ensuring that roof-crush does not occur, protecting all the occupants of the car.

Before we install any windshield at our shop we work hard to ensure that the mobile auto glass repair is completely up to specifications. We also ensure that the auto glass properly fits on your vehicle so that your vehicle can obtain a proper seal. Need a proper windshield repair in san diego, call carglass1 now!

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