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Volvo V70

The sticker in your windshield. (Photo Credits)

Most of the time windshield stickers are the first thing you will notice upon seeing a car in close range.

This is why some cars would like as much as possible not to put anything on the autoglass, if it is not needed.

In Texas for instance, they have a one sticker policy for all things that are mandated by the government as shared by Media Agency Dallas News.

“Texas windshields  are about to get less cluttered. Starting this month, Texas drivers will need only one sticker to show their registration and inspection are up to date. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced ‘Two Steps, One Sticker’ initiative, the result of legislation passed in the 2013 legislative session. Officials hope the streamlined process will reduce sticker fraud and improve compliance.”

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Historic Development

AutoGlass Safety Council The same policy has been discussed by The Corsican Daily. “The scheme ends decades in which motorists were required to display separate inspection and registration stickers. Texas joins about two dozen states, including New York and North Carolina, that cover inspection and registration with one sticker, said Sen. Royce West of Dallas. West said the system is an historic development that will mean cleaner air and increased safety for Texans.”

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On another note, a Car Care technician reportedly lost his job following a service sticker note that he left in a customer’s windshield.

The sharedThe manager who initially blew her offer then refunded Carrillo for the oil change and gave her a new sticker sans the “UR GAY” messaging. The manager also told her the mechanic responsible for the offensive sticker had been let go. Carrillo says she’s not holding any grudges, but she hopes her ordeal encourages other businesses to remember to treat all customers with respect.”

Take a look at the sticker here.

So do you have any windshield sticker story?