’s 2013 Subaru BRZ long-term tester picked up a serious windshield rock chip on the highway. The rogue rock penetrated a good portion of the glass, and its bull’s-eye mark quickly grew to half-dollar-coin size.


Subaru BRZ Shows Why Immediate Repair Can Save You From A Costly Windshield Replacement


Here is a prime example about why it is important that you bring your vehicle into our carglass1 as soon as you discover a chip or crack on your windshield. A low cost windshield repair can quickly turn into a very expensive windshield replacement if the problem is not addressed immediately. That was the case with the Subaru BRZ in the article above. The Subaru was plagued with a glass chip which quickly grew into an irreparable size. As a result, the owners of the Subaru BRZ then had to get a full blown windshield replacement for the car rather than a simple windshield replacement.

Had the problem been addressed in time a simple windshield repair could have cost them less than a hundred dollars, however, because the crack has now grown, it is a different story. They now have to spend several hundred dollars in order to replace their windshield. So please remember, if you ever get a rock chip which driving on the freeway please bring it into our carglass1 as soon as possible. By bringing it into our shop as soon as possible you have the possibility of fixing your windshield before you have to empty your wallet for a new one.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care for each and every one of our customers. We ensure that when you walk out of our car  window repair san diego shop, you are happy and informed. We teach you exactly what simple steps you need to take in order to allow your windshield to properly be repaired or to set. Check out our Auto Glass Replacement sAn Diego Video on Youtube!