Windshield Repairs increasing due to high heat waves from summer

Autoglass reveals that it has seen a 10% year on year increase in damaged windscreens largely due to the heat, as the UK experiences temperatures of more than 30°C

Summer is upon us, the heat is rising, and the time for road-trips and family outings is prime. With the increase in hot weather the auto glass census has reported that there has been up to a 10% increase in the number of damaged windshields. As the warm weather is set to continue and become even hotter it is important that driver are aware that they need to prepare their vehicles before any long trips else they risk having to get a windshield replacement instead of a windshield repair.

We want all of our customers to remember that if your windshield is already damaged and in need of a you should have it done immediately. Hot weather can increase the irritability of a crack and cause for it to increase or spread which can turn a simple windshield repair (which is much less costly) into a full blown windshield replacement (Much more costly).

Also, drivers should keep in mind that they need to prepare and ensure that their vehicle is in optimal driving condition. This means make sure that the car is clean and that there are no issues with headlight visibility or windshield visibility. Simple steps such as oil changes, fluid changes, washer fluid checks, and windshield wiper checks can mean the world of difference during a difficult driving situation.

Here at carglass1, we want to make sure that everyone stays safe this summer and has enjoyable drives. View the page on Carglass1 Window Replacement San Diego here, there is plenty of information on auto glass and car windows.

If you need a windshield repair or replacement don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need pricing, have questions, or concerns.


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