Organized and Clean Car

Car interior

Regularly decluttering one’s car has a lot of advantages. (Photo Credits)

Organizing things inside one’s car has immense benefits. Apart from cleanliness, avoiding pest infestation and clarity of mind, a clutter free car brings about more advantages than the obvious.

The website came up with tips on how to ensure that a car remains clutter-free. “Clean Out the Crap: Don’t be tempted to put a lot of crap in your car in the first place. It sounds so simple, and it is. Items that go into your car should be necessities. Ask yourself if your kid needs to bring his 1,000-piece puzzle, pull-toy and swim floatie with you on a trip to the grocery store. Implement the “one in, one out” rule. If your kids must bring a favorite toy in the car, limit them to oneitem each. If they bring one thing in the car, they must bring that one thing back out of the car at the end of the day. (If that one item happens to be a purse stuffed with 20 other small items? Good luck!) One parent of three on our staff recommends treating your car like a camping trip. If you pack it in, you must pack it back out and leave it better than when you arrived.”

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Organizing the Car

Huffington Post for its part shared some ways to quickly organize one’s vehicle. Windshield Wiki  

Ensuring the glove compartment remains tidy is one of their tips. “Transform Your Glove Compartment into a Mini Filing Cabinet. A thin coupon organizer (or recipe file) is an easy way to have fast access to your car’s most vital papers. Registration, insurance information, car repair and maintenance receipts can all have their own tabs, recommends Lorna Kyle Boot of the blog, That’s the Coolest Thing!, and most styles fit comfortably inside a glove compartment. You could also stow a few napkins there (read: 3-5, not the two dozen or so that often get crammed there ‘just in case’ after a drive-thru run) and a car charger for your cell phone.” Read more tips here.

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The website Spring Cleaning 365 also came out with more tips and organizational tidbits for its readers who are aiming to have clutter-free vehicles. AutoGlass Safety Council 

“To quickly and efficiently declutter your vehicle, grab a trash bag and a tote bag. Work your way front to back, opening up any compartments along the way, and put anything that’s trash in the trash bag and anything that needs to be taken inside in the tote bag. Everything must be taken out with the exception of a few items: (1) Vehicle registration; (2) Vehicle insurance information; and (3) Vehicle maintenance records (optional).” Read about the continuation here.

Clutter-free cars are indeed the way to go.

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