Avoid risks by keeping the car clutter free

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A clutter free car, is also a safer car to drive. (Photo Credits)

When a car is cluttered, chances are the driver can get distracted when the clutter gets to become unmanageable. AutoGlass Safety Council   

The website Its Simply Placed gave a solid example on how clutter can pose safety risks inside the car. “A 1-liter bottle of water can fly through the air with almost 45 lbs of force.  A tote bag or backpack filled to 20 lbs can hit you with a force of 1,000 lbs.  Studies show on average there are 25 unsecured items in an automobile that can become airborne in an accident.”

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More Reasons to Get Organized

UK based website Bitrex gave yet another example on why clutter should be kept at bay in the car.

“Identified flying objects – It is a tragic fact that many people are killed and injured every year not from the effect of the car accident but from heavy objects flying off the back shelf or back seat and hitting them at 60 miles an hour. The clutter should be in the boot. What’s going on back there –Many small children are poisoned accidentally by sampling substances like screen-wash or de-icer which are often left in the back of the car. You wouldn’t leave stuff like that rolling about on the kitchen floor, so the car is no different.”

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Vehicle manufacturer Ford meantime also echoed the same sentiments. They then mentioned that to helps their clients minimize car clutter, they have made improvements in the vehicles that they manufacture. Windshield Wiki         

“Ford designers and engineers literally squeezed out every available millimetre in the cabin space to deliver intelligent stowage that would surprise and delight the customers. Drivers can put their coffee cup in the centre console, where there’s enough space for two, pop their sunglasses into the overhead console, plug in their USB stick for some music, and keep their mobile in a nifty space in front of the shifter while charging it via the 12-volt power outlet.”

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ensure a safer ride by keeping clutter at bay.

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