A Dangerous Drive

wet cement

What to do when the vehicle gets stuck in concrete. (Photo Credits)

Fresh concrete can be seen on the road, but sometimes accidents can still happen.

Fox26 for instance has documented a vehicle that drove through barricades that warn of freshly poured concrete on a section of a highway hat is being repaired. Windshield Wiki

“Their efforts were disrupted by a driver who tried to navigate around construction barricades. When he did, his car got stuck in wet cement. But it’s not the first time this has happened in the Plano. Officials said over the past few months the city has actually had a rash of incidents involving drivers who go around construction barriers or cones. Their inattention and impatience is causing damage to their cars. It also forces contractors to redo the work and costs taxpayers money.”

Watch the report here.

Getting Stuck

WQOW meantime shared a report about yet another vehicle driving through fresh concrete. To this authorities say, the driver and the car are not just the ones getting inconvenienced, as the safety and the lives of the workers are also being put at risk. AutoGlass Safety Council        

“Someone drove their car right into freshly poured concrete on the North Crossing near Highway 53. It might sound silly, but local officials say it all comes down to the safety of construction crews, which they say is no laughing matter. “

Check out the picture here.

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To illustrate the dangers of driving through wet cement, JC Online published a story on a journal ad courier van that bogged down after driving through fresh concrete.

“Not noticing the freshly troweled cement near Mike Raisor Ford and Mike Raisor Audi on Indiana 38 just east of Sagamore Parkway, Johnson attempted to turn into the lot, but the van bogged down to the axle. No one was injured in the accident.”

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Utmost attention to the roads while driving is the best way to avoid driving through fresh concrete.

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