Windshields of Tomorrow

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The Future of windshields. (Photo Credits)

The automobile windshield has evolved over the years. From its thickness, durability, and safety levels – everything has changed and improved for the better. gave a sneak peek to the future of windshield technology through an infographic that it published in its website.

It enumerated Sun Shielding technology, weather warnings, state of the art wiper designs and functionality, Smart glass technology, and even better safety features.Windshield Wiki

“in the future, windshields will be smarter, stronger, bigger and better than ever before. This infographic shows just how advanced auto glass technology is becoming.”

Check out the infographic here.

While waiting for the changes

Autoglass Safety While waiting for all these to happen, what a vehicle owner can do, is to just make sure his autoglass remains spic and span. Tip Hero gave a guide on how to make sure your windshield looks factory fresh.

Let’s be honest: most of the time when we clean our windshields, we don’t do a very good job. Whether it’s a quick swab at the gas station while we’re waiting for the tank to fill, a mid-drive swipe of the wipers, or a jaunt through the car wash, there’s always a few spots of dirt or dead bug that always seem to be missed. Half the time, it seems like the wiper blades actually make the mess worse! What our windshields really need is a quarterly, thorough super-clean, and the RV Geeks are here to show us the best way to do it!”

Watch the video here.

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But there is one thing that will not ever change no matter how old-fashioned or futuristic your windshield may be – windshield notes.

The Independent Journal Review featured this one-of-a-kind windshield note. “There are few things more frustrating than coming back after a long day and finding you’ve left your car’s lights on all day, and your battery is now drained. Most of us have witnessed a car with its lights left on in the parking lot and wished we could help the driver. But after having that thought, most of us have probably just walked on. Well, here’s one man who didn’t.”

Read the note here.

What are the features of the windshield that you would like to have in the future?