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One advantage of having an SUV is you get to travel in style as a group without sacrificing comfort. (Photo Credits) 

Sport Utility Vehicles are so in demand in the market today that most families prefer it to be their main vehicle for traveling.

Auto News Magazine published the five fastest SUVs it has seen. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“2016 Top 5 Fastest Luxury SUV in the world besides the Bentley Bentayga and tesla Model X P90d. My top 5 best fastest Luxury SUV for 2016. Range Rover SVR, Mercedes Benz GL63 Amg, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Bmw X5 M And Last The Mercedes Gle63 Amg S Model. In This Video, We Will Do A Quick Review Of The Top 5 Luxury Suv I’ve Picked For 2016.”

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Practical Choice

The India Times meantime enumerated the SUVs in their country that are well worth every penny.            Windshield Wiki 

“The greenies are hell-bent on banning diesel cars. And with their crusade against SUVs gaining momentum, we won’t be surprised if SUVs were banned altogether. First it was diesel cars in Delhi that bore the brunt, and now it’s in Kerala. Yes, it will be the end of the world as car enthusiasts know it. Now we don’t know if this is the reaction to all this diesel banning or what, but have you seen the SUV prices in the used car market? These are seriously worth having a second look at. Who knows, this may be your last chance at a proper SUV. “

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The website Gear Heads meantime looked back at the SUVs that it considers as all-time great.

“Reuters and other sources have suggested that Ford sees US car market’s future stacked with SUVs. According to them, SUVs will amount to 40 percent of the entire market by 2020, and they see it as perfect opportunity to expand their SUV portfolio. Of course, first thing that comes to mind when crossing Blue Oval and SUV is the good old Ford Bronco. Will this finally happen, remains to be seen. But it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and figure out this is probably the prime time to do so. But, more on that further below.”

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Here’s a guide on choosing the right SUV for a family:

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