Windshield and Wiper 101

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All about Windshield and Auto Glass. (Photo Credits)

Windshield and auto glass are very important but it is part of everyday life that sometimes it gets neglected as a default part of modern existence. AutoGlass Safety Council         

Windshield Centers went down the memory lane to look back at the history of the windshield.

In the early days of the automobile, the windshield was considered a luxury item by most car manufacturers and drivers. A windshield was commonly considered an add-on feature that would increase the cost of the automobile. And it was typically little more than a sheet of glass that was divided horizontally so that the driver could fold the glass down when it got too dirty.”

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The windshield wiper has another history altogether. Nesmith shared an excerpt in its website. Windshield Wiki

“A man by the name of Robert Kearns was legally blind in one eye and found it hard to see out the windshield with the wipers moving at a fast pace. He decided that there should be intervals of speeds for the wipers and the intermittent wiper we all know was born.”

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Wilky Brew also shared the history of windshield wipers. ”She came up with a solution by inventing a swinging arm device…”

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Windshield wipers are definitely critical in any car.