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The Strength of Auto Glass Windows and Wind Shields. (Photo Credits)

When it comes to emergencies, a lot of people muster the unthinkable to save lives.

Car glass, and windshields are not your usual glass that could easily be broken. But in the name of danger and emergency, people have devised ways in order to lend a helping hand to those whose lives may be in danger.

Autoglass Safety Just like this 19-year old male featured over when he broke the window of a burning car with his bare fist to save an elderly woman. “A 19-year-old is credited with saving the life of an elderly woman from her burning car over the weekend. Her car hit a gas pump at a Chevron Station in Portland on Saturday and was quickly engulfed in flames. Phillipe, 19, and Raphael Bittar, 16, saw the victim pounding on the passenger’s side window and screaming for help.”

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Walking over Broken Car Glass

Meanwhile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a Police Officer is being lauded following his comforting of a four year old girl whom he saw walking atop broken car glass after her family’s car crashed as reported by the website

“A photo of a Louisiana police officer comforting a young girl after a major motor vehicle accident has gone viral. Sergeant Duke Staples of the Baton Rouge Police Department came upon a 4-year-old girl walking around with no shoes in the vicinity of broken glass when he responded to a motor vehicle accident last week. According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the girl’s mother and 12-year-old sister were receiving treatment when the Sergeant found the girl.” Windshield Wiki

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Still on the auto glass topic, meantime shared that heavy-duty gorilla glass may soon be used on vehicles.

Automakers like Ford have begun to look at lightweight solutions. And Corning, which supplies its high-strength, light-weight Gorilla Glass to mobile device manufactures, is a natural place to turn. BMW already employs Gorilla Glass in its innovative i8, and given that it reduces the typical windscreen’s weight by up to 30 percent, the migration from traditional solutions will become a given for performance vehicles , where dropping every extra pound is a priority. The rub, as always, comes with the cost.”

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