Give your windshield wipers some thought

leave your wipers up

Give it a thought. (Photo Credits)

Windshield wipers get the job done day in and day out especially during the rainy season, but motorists hardly notice them until they stop functioning.

But windshield wipers deserve some fraction of your time.

For instance, says the fluid you use for your windshield wiper should be chemical free in order for you not to hurt the ecosystem. AutoGlass Safety Council

Conventional windshield wiping fluid is one of the more toxic liquids involved in automobile upkeep because it has been made with methanol, a poisonous alcohol.  Two tablespoons of it can kill a child and 2-8 ounces of it can kill an adult.  Also, it’s bright color resembles that of juice, so can be dangerous to have within reach of kids (or ignorant adults).  It can also leak into the ground and make its way into the air.  Billions of gallons of this stuff are reportedly seeped into the environment every year. It makes sense that someone would develop a less toxic, more eco-friendly version of the stuff.”

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Fun stuff

This dog featured over at just cannot help but notice the windshield wiper.

“There was the time he fought with a big brown pillow and the time he wanted to let my wind chime know who was boss. For some reason, he also despises my yoga matt, much like the hilarious pug who wouldn’t stop barking at his owner’s foam roller. Most of the time, I can’t understand what he finds so frightening. But thankfully, just like the pit bull who found a way to deal with his intense fear of doorways, Charlie also finds ways to overcome his terrors. I thought I’d seen it all, until I came across this highly entertaining compilation of dogs who aren’t too happy with an unexpected object: windshield wipers. My dog has ridden in the car with me many times, but has never tried to do that before.”

Watch the video here.

Related Mobile Windshield and Autoglass Repair Service meantime featured a different type of “Wiper,” but basically functions the same as a windshield wiper.

“Wiper is a bit like other “ephemeral” and “secure” messaging apps, but it gives you more control over when the messages you send and when they’re deleted. Most apps delete the messages a set time after they’re read, but Wiper lets you remove them anytime, whenever you feel like it. The app also offers screenshot protection, and notifies you (on both iOS and Android) if the recipient tries to screenshot, download, or forward your message, photo, or video. Of course, it won’t stop someone from taking a photo of their screen, or screenshotting in Airplane Mode, but nothing will.”

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So how’s your cars wipers?