Tiny car

Small ride, fun ride. (Photo Credits)

Tiny cars may not carry much but they have their own set of advantages. They are easy to maneuver, less gasoline consumption, and at the same time, and they are not too hard to find a parking space for.    AutoGlass Safety Council

Speed Society featured in one of its post tiny yet powerful engines that power up small cars. Windshield Wiki

“When it comes to tiny scaled machines we just can’t help but be interested in the craftsmanship that is involved in putting these things together. We take, for example, this collection of tiny little engines that could be put to use to power just about anything that your mind can dream up – as long as it isn’t too large, that is. With everything from a traditional 6-cylinder replica to a W9 style engine, this collection lays out some of the neatest miniature engines ever created.”

Watch the video clip here.

Super Mini

Disney for its part commissioned the p[production of a tiny car that can even go up against a wall, as reported by the website The Verge.

“Disney’s research arm has been quietly churning out impressive, occasionally unnerving experiments for some time now, and its latest is a particularly inspired bit of engineering: a small, four-wheeled robot with the uncanny ability to climb up walls. The robot, VertiGo, was created through a partnership between Disney Research Zurich and the university ETH Zurich. By rolling up to a wall and adjusting two propellers attached to it, the robot can climb up and continue moving at a surprisingly brisk pace.”

See the VertiGo here.

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The website meantime featured what seemed to be a tiny car, but is an equally impressive vehicle.

“Mikael loves riding bikes, but sometimes the harsh Swedish weather makes it impossible. So, he set out to design something that would work in any climate condition. After some trial and error, Mikael came up with “PodRide,” a four-wheeled bicycle with a covered body to keep the driver warm and safe from the elements. What makes this little vehicle so unique, however, is that the body makes it look like a small, one-person car traveling on the road. It’s so convincing that, at first glance, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell that it was a bike.”

Check out the inside of the podride here.

Tiny cars are indeed amazing.

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