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The lowdown on buying second-hand vehicles. (Photo Credits)

Buying a second-hand vehicle could be a practical decision especially for those who may not want too much financial obligation if and when they could not afford a brand new car just yet.

The concern though is how to make sure that the vehicle a buyer is about to purchase is a good-quality pre-owned automobile?

British publication the Saga Magazine gave some tips on buying pre-owned cars. AutoGlass Safety Council

“The two traditional places to buy a second hand car are from a dealer or a private seller. Buying from a garage costs more than buying privately but it does give you more legal protection in the event that problems arise in the future. However, buying privately is much cheaper and a measure of reassurance can be bought by taking out an independent warranty that you’ve bought yourself for a few hundred pounds. You pay your money and take your chance, but I haven’t ever been put off buying my dream car privately providing the money is right and the owner impresses me as much as the car…”

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More tips

The website Make Money in Life meantime shared with their readers tips on how to not get ripped off when buying second hand cars. Windshield Wiki 

“The internet has made checking car details easier than ever, so you must take advantage of this. Any car’s identity can be checked through a vehicle details enquiry online which will tell you the age, date of registration, colour, tax disc expiry date and tax rate. This should bring up the MOT test number too, which you can use to check its MOT history in case of any major incidents.”

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The website Car and Auto also gave its readers more pointers to ensure that they will be able to get their money’s worth when making a second hand purchase.

“Haggling, negotiating, bartering; call it what you like, but it’s not something that many of us are comfortable with or good at. However, no seller ever expects to get the advertised price so once you have a figure in mind that you want to pay, make them a lower offer as a starting point. That way there’s room for negotiation from both sides and you should both be able to agree on a price.”

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