Ways on how to quickly close that deal

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Selling a used car may or may not be easy. Some private sellers are bound to be great at sales talk, some are so-so but have a great car that buyers think that the pre-owned vehicle is definitely a steal for its price. Windshield Wiki 

Yahoo News gave tips on how to sell a pre-owned car online.

Nobody wants to be thought of as a scammer, especially with today’s stringent security procedures over the Internet. As a seller, details of posted items should be clear and the price indicated if negotiable or not. Always use the correct contact details and location of the item, so that buyers can get in contact with you easily.”

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Wheels.ca also shared more tips on selling a used vehicle. AutoGlass Safety Council  

“Whether you’re trading your car into a dealership or selling it privately, if you want to get maximum dollar, take the time to thoroughly wash and detail the car. Your car will show better in photos and it makes a big difference when an interested buyer comes to look at the car and it’s clean and presentable. I’m going to state the obvious; that you should remove all clutter from the interior, vacuum and dress the surfaces. If you don’t have the time to thoroughly clean the vehicle, than pay to have an auto spa do the work. Just think, fifty dollars spent in detailing will result in a clean car that’s easier to sell or trade-in for more money.”

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The website The Car Connection for its part gave more tips on selling pre-owned cars this time over Craigslist.

“You’re not limited by how many photos you can take with a digital camera, so why not spend an extra minute or two walking around the car to take photos from every angle, ensuring they are properly framed with the entire vehicle in the image? All too often we see photos that look like they need to be stitched together with a fancy app. Don’t do that. And spend some time cleaning your car up before taking those pictures. We’re all busy, but time is money and you’ll net more of it if you offer up a clean car. Run it through a good car wash before taking pictures.”

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Prior to selling a used car, make a thorough check, inspect windows, windshield and auto glass to see if there are chips , damage and the like. A quick professional fix will go a long way in terms of expediting the sale.